The digital world is here to stay. That’s why digital wellness is so crucial.

As an expert certified by the Digital Wellness Institute, I am hearing more and more about the difficulties that people have in regulating their use of technology. Have you ever found that:

  • You can’t stop phubbing, the horrible habit of turning to your phone whenever it pings, making your loved ones furious?
  • You’re more and more involved with porn — and it’s blocking intimacy with your real-life partner?
  • Social media is stealing your attention, and weirdly, it’s making you feel even lonelier and less satisfied?
  • You find yourself “doomscrolling” for hours, especially when there’s a lot of negative news floating around?
  • You’re shopping online so often that you’re neglecting relationships and hurting your financial health?
  • You’re so absorbed with gaming or binge-watching TV that you spend less time working out, seeing friends, or pursuing sports and hobbies you once loved?

When digital habits fall out of balance, it’s time to find help

None of us can step outside the digital world. We’re deeply involved with the internet at home, work and everywhere in between. Even so, we can’t safely ignore the impact that constant attention to our screens can have on our health, our relationships and our finances. I work with individuals, couples and parents who are concerned about tech addiction and abuse. I’ve discovered that there are many common-sense ways we can reshape our relationships with digital technology. It all begins with acknowledging that harmful screen habits can get in the way of a peaceful, productive life.

Some questions to consider if you’re wondering whether you or someone you love should seek professional help:

  • Are my digital habits starting to alienate other people?
  • Am I having trouble sleeping? Or keeping a healthy schedule?
  • Do I feel irritable when I can’t access my screen?
  • Are my loved ones expressing worry about what I’m doing?
  • Am I missing work or breaking social dates to hang out online?
  • Do I get angry or defensive when others call me out on my digital behavior?
  • Have I had any success in trying to change these patterns?

You’re not alone — and there are practical solutions

Don’t wait until the conflicts surrounding your digital habits get deeper. You can begin changing your patterns and healing your life right now. Give me a call to schedule an open conversation about your concerns and needs.