As your therapist, I will challenge you to reach for your best self.

My best friend growing up was an absolute spitfire. I admired her – and I loved the fact that we could be so wild and free in each other’s company. We challenged each other to become the best people we possibly could be, and we were always a team.

Years later, these are the values I follow as a therapist serving couples, individuals and parents. If you are ready for the challenge of seeing things in new ways and building the life you truly want, I am happy to serve as your resource and partner.

I am not the right therapist for you if …

  • You love to use the words, “Yes, but …” as a way of explaining away the difficulties in your life.
  • You love to argue for your limitations, holding on to the things that are holding you back.
  • You expect me to wave a magic wand over you that will instantly fix you, your partner or your family.

However, I am the right therapist for you if …

  • You are ready to work hard on yourself and your relationships.
  • You are willing to learn new things about yourself and your loved ones.
  • You are prepared to learn new skills and embrace changes that can make life richer and more fulfilling than you ever imagined it could be.

I won’t let you get stuck telling the same story, session after session. Our emphasis will be on understanding and progress. I will help you find the courage to listen to your inner voice, even if you feel frightened by what it’s telling you. Together, we will pinpoint the issues you need to focus on tangible solutions.

More about my qualifications and experience as a therapist

Since 2004, I’ve had the privilege of serving clients here in Oregon and also in California. I began my career by earning a Master’s degree in counseling from the University of San Francisco and later, a business degree from the College of Notre Dame.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), I have helped couples deal effectively with infidelity, communication, financial and career conflicts, children and family issues. I also have extensive experience working with adolescents and adults who struggle with trauma, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other mental health conditions.

Effective therapy for digital wellness

More recently, I have developed a strong interest in the challenges all of us face as we navigate life in the digital age. To acquire specialized expertise in this area, I have earned a certificate from the Digital Wellness Institute.

I’m sure you have noticed how much power our digital devices can have over us.

  • Your spouse or partner immediately turns away from you when a text, email or news alert comes through — a habit known as phubbing.
  • Social media has grabbed more of your time lately, making you feel more anxious, insecure or worried about the future.
  • Your tween or teen can’t seem to step away from screens, even for a quick family meal or light conversation.

We can’t return to the days before the internet, smartphones and 24/7 connectivity changed everything. But we can find common-sense approaches to protect our relationships from the risks posed by digital media. I am prepared to help.

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