Working with an experienced therapist can give you strength and resilience. I am ready to help.

Imagine trying to solve all of life’s challenges on your own, thinking you’re expected to know all the answers. It would be a rough road, wouldn’t it?

Yet that’s what so many of us do when life gets especially difficult.

If you are struggling with issues that feel too big for you to solve alone, I can help you make sense of what’s happening. Together, we will explore the obstacles you are facing and lay the groundwork for meaningful change.

During quarantine, I am offering online therapy for individuals and couples. This approach protects you from COVID risks while providing the treatment and support you need. Reach out to schedule your telehealth appointment now.

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A welcoming therapeutic practice for individuals, couples and parents near Portland and Wilsonville, Oregon

I love living and working in the Portland area. As a therapist with more than 15 years of experience, I gain great satisfaction in helping people work their way through complex life issues. I am deeply interested in the challenges of modern living – including the pressures faced by all of us as we navigate the digital age.

Therapy gives us the chance to address these challenges head-on so we can find effective ways to deal with them. You will find that when we work together, we become a true team. If you are willing to work hard, embrace new ideas and build new skills, I am the right therapist for you.

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